Hearty welcome

Farm folk with a passion

Our family

Because we love so what we do

We, Günter and Brigitte Knapp, thoroughly enjoy managing our farm, which has been awarded four flowers. Our deep connection to nature and our homeland and our love of country life are the source of the warmth and heart of our farm.

Warmth and security, peace and serenity, love for the work we do and respect for our animals. You too can share the feeling on our farm.

Zur Urlaubsanfrage
Urlaub am Ferienbauernhof Handl in der „Steirischen Krakau“, Familie Knapp

“...The friendliness of the people – that’s what brings us back, time and again!”

Günter, the farmer, is a talented craftsman. He keeps the house and farm in good order and is always busy updating and improving our operations.

Brigitte, his wife, has been caring for our guests since 1996. She looks after your well-being, dear guests, so that you can spend the loveliest days of the year on our family-run farm, and thoroughly enjoy your stay. Our three sons, Manfred, Daniel and Alexander, help out in many ways. Alexander is currently studying at the agricultural college in Tamsweg.

Urlaub am Ferienbauernhof Handl in der „Steirischen Krakau“, Familie Knapp

A farm has spirit – diverse and genuine

It is vital to us as a farming family to see that our property, which has been passed down to us by our fathers and grandfathers, is maintained and passed on to the next generation. That’s why we run our farm as a full-time venture: milking cows, rearing young cattle, managing our forest and grazing the Alpine meadows. And we are proud of it. Proud to take care of our precious treasure, and to shape it for the future.

A holiday on the farm means shedding the ballast of everyday life and regaining the light-hearted, carefree spirit of childhood. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday with a farming family where all is well, and people and animals live together in harmony with nature. We look forward to meeting you!

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